Chiropody & Podiatry Illuminated Magnifying La

Chiropody & Podiatry Illuminated Magnifying Lamps

For use on your clients for shadow free vision and for use in decontamination areas for inspection of your reusable equipment used to decontaminate medical devices and associated equipment.

Our magnifying examination lamps are of the highest quality. Each magnifying inspection lamp or illuminated magnifying lamp offers a best-in-class range of professional magnifying lamps, from the Classic Magnifying Lamp to the best-selling Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp with its generous 17.5cm (7") lens and powerful 28w light. These lamps come with unique features and accessories that make them the right choice for so many people.

Decontamination: Health Technical Memorandum 01-01: Decontamination of reusable medical devices recommends the use of Illuminated magnifying lights.

These magnifying lamps can be wall mounted and this also keeps your working area free.

Need to see things in more detail? Daylight lighting offers a best in class range of professional magnifying lamps. We all recognise that natural daylight provides the best conditions for healthy vision whilst working. A vast amount of professions in the health and medical industry involve very detailed work where the ability to see clearly and perform tasks accurately is paramount. Tests have shown that daylight bulbs and lamps not only reduce eyestrain, but also are more relaxing to the eyes. They promote healthy vision and create the most optimum working conditions for health and medical staff. Our range of Daylight Lamps and Daylight Magnifiers are popular with Doctors, Dentists and all other health and medical services.

Daylight Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp XR D22080

Daylight Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp XR D22080

Was £250.00 Now £199.99

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